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Wallpaper Strippers

Earlex combines ease of use with an eco-friendly, no-chemical system of wallpaper stripping that has become the No. 1 brand in the world. The Earlex wallpaper stripping products are faster than gel or spray because they take the wallpaper off the first time without a need for reapplication. You’ll find our range of wallpaper strippers at leading retail suppliers of paint and decorating products.

Our wallpaper strippers eliminate extra steps for a one-time removal process of even the most difficult projects such as painted wallpaper, heavy wallpaper or multiple wallpaper layers. Because there are no chemicals being used, Earlex offers an environmentally smart wallpaper stripping solution and ensures a clean water-powered steam system that won’t stain carpet or other surfaces around the project area. Earlex also has paid close attention to making the product make-up eco-friendly with recyclable components.

From professionals to DIY consumers who want an efficient, clean and fast way to strip wallpaper, the Earlex range of wallpaper strippers offers leading-edge technology and the best solution for virtually any project.


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