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Earlex, Inc. is part of the UK-based, family-owned Earlex Group, which has the No. 1 brand worldwide in both paint sprayers and wallpaper strippers with sales across more than 20 countries. Earlex’s Canada headquarters is based in Brantford, Ontario, and offers a complete product range of Spray Station HVLP paint sprayers and wallpaper strippers for home and professional projects.

The Spray Station line is a leading brand in the woodworking segment and is favored by both professionals and DIY consumers. Its HVLP technology provides an easy-to-use painting method that can be used across many projects indoors and outdoors, from detailed work to large scope projects. The Earlex wallpaper stripping products are eco-friendly, providing an easy and quick method to remove wallpaper in without harsh chemicals and with just the use of water.

Earlex works with businesses across Canada that are dealers in the paint spraying or wallpaper stripping market. Professionals, homeowners and hobbyists find that the Earlex efficiency and leading-edge technology gives them the solutions they need to tackle virtually any project they have in mind. Earlex believes in customer service and ensuring that its products meet and exceed the expectations of the buyer every time.

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